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How to Buy Zynga Chips?
To purchase a product, you first need to make a payment. You need to choose a payment method that suits you from the PAYMENT METHODS section and complete your payment process. Afterward, you can go to the Zynga Poker Chip section from the games section and select the most suitable package for you to purchase. Your transfers are completed within an average of 5 minutes.


How Much Chip Should I Have in My Account to Place an Order?
It doesn't matter how many chips you have in your account. Zynga Chips will be loaded to your account regardless. However, the more chips you have in your account, the safer and faster your transaction will be.


Do I Have to Register?
You don't have to register to place an order. If you want to order without registering, you can easily place an order by entering the details of your payments in the Quick Buy section located at the top right corner of our website, or you can talk to customer service representatives through our live support line.


How Can I Make a Payment?
To place an order, you first need to make a payment. For payment, you can either use your credit card to make transactions on our website, or you can use bank transfer. In addition to all our bank accounts, we also have cost-free bank accounts made through direct agreements with banks. You can easily make payments without any additional fee using Ziraat, Akbank, Finansbank, or Yapı Kredi Bank ATMs. Besides, you can make payments using Papara payment services or USDT (crypto currency) payment channels. After making a payment, you don't have to register; you can choose to register and place an order, or as explained above, you can order without registering. Or you can get help from your customer representative.


Will I Get Banned If I Buy Zynga Chips?
There is always a risk of being banned according to Zynga's rules. And in case of a ban, the responsibility lies with the purchaser. Because even if you buy chips from Zynga itself, transferring chips to a friend is forbidden and a reason for a ban according to the basic rule of Zynga Poker. Our duty is only to minimize this to 1 in 1000. Therefore, we open our own accounts from different regions (France, Germany, England) and open your account from Turkey and transfer by closing the table at a 5-person table as if playing a game. In this way, we minimize the risk of getting banned. However, if you throw chips to each other among your friends after buying from us, getting banned becomes inevitable, and for this reason, we kindly ask you not to share your chips with anyone in the game.


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